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Unable to discern why torrent makes no progress


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Hi! I've gotten the uTorrent server running on Fedora 13 [].

I seem to be unable to start a torrent. I've had it auto-load torrents (but not start them) from a directory, and I see the torrent in the "Downloading" list, however the stats it displays are 0% completion, 0 seeds, 0 peers, and ¿? in swarm, and no errors that I can seemingly spot within the UI (like tracker errors.) I have started the torrent since it was loaded.

The only error present within the UI at all is 'Request Failure #1 (Will retry in 2 seconds) action=getxferhist' --in fact this is the only entry at all in the logger in the UI.

The OSD for the daemon only shows:

'server started

IPv6 is installed'

Where should I be looking to discern why this torrent is not doing anything?

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I have 47 stopped 0% torrents.

(I was planning on seeding, but I realized I was not able to manually set the download location, so I just left them stopped. As an aside, is this feature planned or expected?)

Queue settings are default. [8 total, 5 download, seeding stops at 150%]

Status of torrent is "Downloading" and not queued. Icon is a blue arrow pointing downwards.

Edit: It appears to be a tracker problem, I just tried one from a public tracker and it seems to be working just fine. It'd be nice to see the tracker errors like I can in the windows client so I can see what the problem is.

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