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download is almost all the time 18 kb when max is 190


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i did everything you said to do in the guide. changed the firmware to tofu, changed the settings in utorrent and everything.

since then though my download never goes above 18 kb.

if it were only in one torrent i wouldn't suspect anything but it's the same for the last 3-4 downloads - my download stays studily on 18 kb. why is that?

my max is 190. i don't wanna download only on 18:( what can be done?

by the way. my download speed max is set to 0(no max). upload is at 3 kb until the download finishes. when that happenes it uploads on my upload max speed which is 16 kb.

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i don't wanna leach, i upload what i downloaded after the download finishes. the thing is if i upload fast (as much as you could call that "fast") the download rate drops.

that is why i prefer to upload slower when im downloading and when i don't download send at full speed (like the option you have for alternative upload speed when not downloading).

if i send 100% of what i downloaded in the end it's o.k right? especially when i have such a gap between my download speed and my upload speed.

do you think this is what slows the download down though? i just want it to be faster than 18 kb.

or maybe does utorrent limit my download speed because i don't upload faster?

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...upload is at 3 kb...

there is your problem. µTorrent caps your download speed to 6 times your upload limit. so you say that your maximum download speed is 190, then your should cap your upload to a minimum of 32. Only then would you possibly reach 190.

even if you want to seed after that, uploading at 3kbps is PATHETIC :mad:


usually, upload cap is done based on your upload limit. Some people say 80%, but i cap it to 70%. so let's say that your upload limit is 40kbps, cap it to 28kbps. your download should reach maximum speed without any problems (assuming your maximum download speed is less then 168kbps :P). But, you should test out your own connection, and increase/decrease your upload limit until your download speeds remain fairly constant

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i know 3 is pathetic. but my maximum is 16 which isn't much better. so i thought if i shared at 16 only when the download finishes i'll be fine. guess it isn't good enough. so i changed it like firon said to 11. i really don't want to be a leach. i even started a petition to make higher upload speeds where i live ^_^ - although 4k people signed, it didn't work. lol

i didn't understand in the end.

you mean utorrent decides my max download according to the percent of speed i use compared to my full speed or just making the download cap 6 times faster than current upload?

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problem is that when i upload faster my download speed goes down.

for example when i raised my upload speed max to 11 kb download speed reached 41 and then dropped to 6 kb :( do right now it shakes in speeds that vary from 8 to 40 0_o.

usualy around 15, while before, when upload was on 3, it was downloading steadily on 18 kb.

so i don't see me reaching 66 kb any time soon:(

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