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Torrent site will ban all versions of 2.0 and above from midnight


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Ebooksshares is banning UT version 2.0 and above from tonight. 10.09.10

"To all members: I know that some of you feel righteous; even self-righteous in your negative opinions of this change. Posting angry posts in this forum is most certainly NOT the way to convince us to change the policy.

This change will go forward.

If in the future it is PROVEN that uTorrent has addressed issues with the program to management's satisfaction, we will review the policy. This will, however NOT bring back any currently not-listed 2.0 versions since the problems with these will remain."

"This is an across-the-board ban. We are not staffed to be able to watch every build specification. The removal of uTorrent 2.0.X will remain."

This is so frustrating and I do not want to use two clients. Can any of the team from here convince the guys over there that everything has been resolved now?

Thank you

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