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Checking files utorrent 2.0.4, is very very slow


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I have a problem with uTorrent 2.0.4 on Vista home, sp2. The system has crashed several times (not utorrent related) and now utorrent has to check a bunch of files. The problem is that on a 1.46 gb file for instance it's taking about a half hour to check a tenth of a percent. I paused most of my active seeding jobs since I have a bunch of torrents open. The files in question are located on a different system using microsoft's file sharing, it has been doing so a while before the problem became noticable. I do have some security programs which are relatively new or recently updated but none of them log any interaction with utorrents files except in a few cases a virus was detected but these files have been erased and then skipped in utorrent. Everything I'm downloading now is either ebook, ecomic or music I don't have any software in the queue. I'm wondering if it would help to end all jobs being checked then reimport the torrents with the data directory set to where my downloads are.

I have to say I like utorrent though my hard drives dislike it as I've filled 2.5 tb of data in a few months lol.

I was hoping for the problem to have a quick known fix, if not I can provide logs and hijack this logs and anything else required.

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