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down loaded torrent had unwanted addition


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I downloaded a Nat. Geographic Doco. which gave me two problems.

1. The torrent came with 2 unwanted requests from www.TorrentDay.com, to join them I have deleted both, but wonder if this should happen or not ??? I certainly don't want this occuring, what say you. ??

2. The other problem is that after dowmnloading this torrent and seeding till I was well past the required ratic, I wanted to stop seeding as my comp'r was getting a bit slow. As soon as I clicked on the torrent to highlight it so I could stop seeding, the Comp'r totally 'froze' . nothing I did worked, so I had no option but to turn off at the Tower, and restart. The Comp'r then functioned o.k. in all other ways. I tried again agin but got the same problem 'frozen'. The problem has not happened before this problem or since, but the Nat. Geo. torrent is still seeding !!! I have posted this problem (No 2) a few weeks ago, but no responce so far. Is there anybody outthere who has an answer .

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