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Delete within uTorrent


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Ok I just downloaded over 58GB of anime pictures.. now because the seeder stopped seeding I could not get past 98% downloaded.. Now I have 58GB of nothing because their is no way to delete within uTorrent so I can not just sort by complete and delete the incomplete ones! Big weakness factor with uTorrent. So a week of downloading all wasted! I tried relocate.. and it does not move them so I got all these junk incomplete pictures among the 58GB of pictures and nothing I can do with them at all. I also tried setting to do not download and uTorrent will not delete the incomplete torrent files.. so again nothing I can do.. I now will have to delete all these pictures I downloaded because of a few they are all junk because no method to get just the good ones out of uTorrent that I can figure out.

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