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utorrent is not running on a server with 3 channels on the Internet!


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utorrent doesn't run on a server with 3 channels of the Internet! If you disable one channel then utorrent immediately starts working!

Version 2.0.3 - 2.0.4 (the others weren't tested)

Gate: Windows XP SP3 (with the patch on the number of half-open connections) Kerio Control 7.0.1

ps: I see that the problem is odd, but I'm really looking forward to finding a solution because the programs like DC client (FlyLinkDC), Web browser (Google Chrome), FTP server (FileZilla FTP Server), and others just work fine.

update: All three channels have external (white) IP addresses

update2: If one of the channels of the internal network is e.g. 10 or 12 .** .** then it also works as expected.

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A small addition, there are a lot of interfaces on the server: 3 for the Internet, one local, VPN-server, and two VPN tunnels, totally 7. If your list has the values of interfaces separated by commas, and written in a short string (eg an array of chars [256]), then the value could not be located.

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net.outgoing_ip and net.bind_ip MUST be IP addresses ON THE MACHINE. They will NOT function properly using IP addresses that are on other devices.

this ip address is the address of one machine, on that utorrent and other programs were run.


ps: note that is address of this machine!

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