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Bittorrent not "saving" the download list correctly?!


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Hi folks, first post here, forgive noob errors please.

Been using Bittorrent since December. One adds torrent, and it goes in the list that's displayed. Then later, once downloaded and seeded for a while, I delete the torrent from the list (and often from the disk as well).

Since about last week, or the week before, I've been having the following problem with the list of downloads:

1) The deleted torrents pop back into the list after a shut-down and restart of the app...but they obviously show a red cross, indicating they cannot be found.

2) Any new torrents don't stay in the list. After the restart, they are no longer there.

It's almost as if Bittorrent's "list save" - don't know what else to call it - doesn't work.

3) I setup to use port 5050. At one point BT advised that I should change the listening port. I did so to 6100, and all worked ok that session, but after shut-down and restart, port is back to 5050...checked this many times, and made sure I applied many times.

BT 7.1

Win 7

Thanks for any help.

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