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uTorrent stops torrents due to transfer cap before it is reached


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Hi all,

I recently upgraded to 2.0.4 build 22150, in order to resolve the "transfer cap not resetting" issue. Now I seem to have another problem related to the transfer cap.

After the upgrade I reset my transfer history as it was so out of date as to be useless. Everything worked fine for a while, but when I got home today I realized all my torrents had stopped. The status bar says "Stopped by transfer cap".

However, when I view the transfer cap settings, it shows my transfer cap is 45GB upload & download, which is correct, and that I have only used 4.4GB upload & download in the last 30 days, which is also correct.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately disabling the transfer caps is not really an option as my ISP charges me up the wazoo if I exceed 60GB in a month.

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I was actually able to resolve this, so I can't post a screenshot currently.

Just in order to get a download going, I set up the cap to Downloads instead of Uploads & Downloads. After I applied this the cap was lifted. Out of curiousity, I switched it back to Uploads & Downloads and it has been working ever since.

I think you are correct that it's a bug in the "reset". What it seems like to me, is that the "Reset History" button only resets the displayed values and not the value being used for the transfer cap calculation. Switching how the cap was calculated forced uTorrent to recalculate the cap correctly.

I'm not sure if that makes any sense based on the internals of uTorrent but it would explain the behaviour I've experienced. If I do run into a similar problem again I will update this thread (or create a new one) with a screenshot.

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