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Two Versions Of uTorrent Installed On My Pc?


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I'm currently running uTorrent v2.0.4 on my pc... Yesterday I was looking through my "ADD/REMOVE" programs list in my WinXP control panel for other reasons. When I noticed the following!



It appears as if I have two versions of uTorrent on my pc!!! Both of which are NOT v2.0.4 which I'm currently running so how could this be?

All I know is I always update via the update prompt through the program itself. I've never done any weird install, maybe a standalone install [but very, very long ago].

EDIT: I did follow this update suggestion recently http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=512900#p512900

I would like to fix this issue and remove the old one's/what's not needed. & Since I'm currently running v2.04 I'd like to update it smoothly to the latest prompt I've been getting lately when I open the program. I'd like to do all of this WITHOUT losing any preference settings.

Thank You

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I don't think that's the right thing to do. There should be a way for me to clean this all up. Sorry but I'm a pc tech just asking for support on your software. I have my ideas on what to do but all software is different so I won't do it without getting some more input.

Would anyone else know what to do in this situation?


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