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2 issues


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Hello all.

I normally download torrent files from a local (private) tracker that has many users from my country so it is very fast.

I use utorrent 2.0.4 last build and I noted this 2 things:

1. On my older computer, when I start to download something using uTorrent, speed goes up very fast reaching 6-8 MB/sec in just a few seconds, then, after 10-40 seconds speed goes down to 1 MB/sec and stays there for the rest of the download. If I manually stop and restart the torrents, speed goes up again but in less then a minute or so, it slows down again to 1 MB/sec and so on... This also happens when I download only 1 (one) torrent at a time. On the other hand, if I use BitComet, speed goes up very slow but after reaching 7-9 MB/sec it stays there for the rest of the download. However I upload much less with BitComet.

On my newer computer, this issue is much less visible... so it is better here.

2. On both my computers, if I open a browser (tested with Opera and Comodo Dragon) while downloading, download speed is boosted very much. If I close the browser, download is slowed down again. This is true for both BitComet and uTorrent.

For example, I said before that speed is 8-9 MB/sec for BitComet... but that is only if I have Dragon opened. If Dragon (the default browser for that computer) is closed, speed barely reaches 4.5 MB/sec...

Please some advice. Thank you.

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