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no internet when utorrent runs


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this is a strange problem, i think i've actually had it once before, but i've been using utorrent a long time and this is only the 2nd time i've come across it.

Anyway, there's no indication from my PC, the network is still shown as available and online, but if i load up the browser, i just won't be able to go anywhere. sometimes it barely works, but still very slow and most sites just won't load at all. if I have utorrent running, this even extends to the other PC in my house that's wirelessly connected, even my PS3 is affected and completely unable to connect!

obviously, i know utorrent is the cause because when its not running, everything works again. Could the cause of this be from activity of certain torrents? because I've got a few big ones, probably nearly 20gb in all, still uploading so I can get a high ratio. obviously this is taking a lot of time because I can only run utorrent so much with the problem it's been causing.

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