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Sometimes when I want to (for example) only download two or three songs from a torrent, I'll click ALL the files in a torrent (before the speed kicks in and starts downloading a lot of pieces and then RIGHT-CLICK and go DON'T DOWNLOAD.

In previous versions of utorrent, I was able to go back and Undo the skipping of the two or three songs I want.

Now, in the version I'm using (2.2 BETA) once you've chosen to Skip a file, you can't change to let utorrent know you want to download a particular file.

I did a cursory search through the forums to see if this issue's been reported and didn't find anything. Further, I'm uncertain if this is the proper forum to post this type of issue to, but as this is my first post, I hope you'll pardon me if I've posted this incorrectly.



Durham, NC (usa)

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