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my download speed clocks at 611.2kb/s but downloads at average 23kb/s


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i really dont get why my speed is up and down every second of every day like one minute my download speed is 0.9kb/s and the next thing i know its like 800kb/s then back down to 30-50kb/s and back up to 200-500kb/s ect..

Edit : also in the setup guide when i select a city it never stays at what i selected and changes when i click save&close

so i select USA,NY,New York #1 and itl change to Sydney,Australia

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kilobits/second or KiloBYTES/second?

It totally changes the meaning depending on which units you're using!

kilobytes 5.32megabits/second is what my bits/second is at but my download speed stayed glued at 23kilobytes/second no matter how high it was in the speed test

Edit : now its just going slow as hell again i should expect to finish this torrent by the end of winter

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