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Making work the embedded tracker.


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According to the FAQ

"Yes, it does. You can turn it on by enabling bt.enable_tracker in the Advanced section. However, it is a very simple tracker, with no web interface, or even the ability to see what torrents are hosted on it. It is not designed for anything requiring security or large-scale. A stand-alone tracker is much better for this. It allows all torrents, external or not, to be tracked on it when enabled.

Once you have enabled it, you can use it by simply putting the tracker's URL into a torrent. The tracker URL is http://your.ip:port/announce (port being µTorrent's incoming port). IP can be external or internal, depending on if you want to use it in a LAN or across the Internet."

And so i did. I got my IP from www.whatismyip.com and pasted it in the announce url. Now, well, it doesnt work. I give the torrent to my friend and he cant download from it(of course i am seeding it). It says the host actively refused it(on both the machines).

What could be the problem? I enabled the tracker in uTorrent, my ip is in announce url with the uTorrents port. Whats wrong? Do i need to open some ports? Ok that was a silly question.

Any help would be appreciated. I just need to use the tracker for tranfers between friends and family.

Oh and i am behind router but uTorrent downloads and uploads normally so i dont think thats a problem.

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Having the same problem - the internal tracker doesn't work. I am behind a router, but the port that uTorrrent uses has been forwarded to correct machine. The odd part is - the tracker worked flawlessly in 1.4. I use the same torrent, I haven't modified my router's configuration, the computer doesn't have any firewall which might not like the new EXE, the only part that changed is that I switched to 1.5.stable. And uTorrent shows "HTTP Error 503" for tracker status on the torrent, while the other tracker in this torrent (uT's internal is meant as backup, thus the .torrent includes 2 announce adresses) works without a problem.

Is it certain that the tracker part in 1.5 functions? Or is there something I'm doing wrong?

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