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Problem with slower speeds towards the end of downloading?


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Ok guys so this has been happening to me for a really long time and it hasnt started bugging me until now.

Everything i download something it goes at its normal pace until the very end of the download (97-99% depending on size) and CREEPS.

Right now i am downloading a file and it is at 99.8% going at 0.2 kb/sec.

Any ideas on how to fix this?!?!


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It just seems like uTorrent itself is thinking "hey this download is almost done, we can probably start to slow it down"

Except that this isn't what is actually happening.

What is happening is that you're getting to the pieces that are not as common, and as such their speeds aren't as fast.

So it's possible (probably true) that people normally don't finish this download so the end has very few people seeding it? And by finish i guess i mean this is what happens....

Person B downloads, while downloading, seeds.

Person A downloads the same file, doing the same thing

Person B finishes downloading and closes uTorrent or deletes the file

Person A is still downloading, now slower because person B is not seeding the file.

Is that what is happening except on a more massive scale?

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