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how can i put a bandwidth limit and utorrent obey it ?


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i just updated utorrent from 2.0.2 to 2.2 be cause of this problem, problem is still here:

limits in bandwidth are not respected, i put 700kB/s and i still download with maximum bandwidth

i checked download speed with mrtg on my server ! ... i do download with no limit

so ! how can make utorrent respect bandwidth limits ?

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values are NOT in kbits/s ... they are in kBytes per second as is explained by the program itself in the left

so, i want the limit to be 1150 kiloBYTES/second (1.15 mB/s) as my maximum bandwidth is about 1.5-1.6 megaBYTES/second (the value in contract with my isp is 15 mega bits per second) i'm well aware of math and what every number means

thing is sometimes i get the limits respected by uTorrent, sometimes they don't ... and i really don't know why :(

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