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my torrent system is acting so weird lately :S


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i am using a utorrent as the default torrent client for my mac os x 10.6 for 11 months till now, and i am in the torrent world since 2006

for u torrent, i used a listen port 45682 and port forwarded it for my router, every thing was good before 2 days ago, my download speed reaches to 90 ≅128 kb/sec...perfect for me, used to download files with the default tracker lists....

now the problem is that, 2 days ago, i found that the maximum speed for a single file i download can't over 30 kb/s, and almost below it to 15 20 kb/s....thought it is just seed/peer problem, tried many files at once, each file cant exceed the 30 kb/s...... :S

tested my broadband speed at http://www.mybroadbandspeed.co.uk/, found that the download speed is still ok, about 128 kb/s as mentioned, contacted the network administer and he told me the speed is ok.....

changed the listen port to 65535, 65534....still the problem exists :S

switched to my other computer in the same network using windows 7 and another client "BitComet", which uses a port of 65535....and the problem is there too :S

what a hell is wrong here....help please :S

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