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Limelight Networks connection on uT 2.2 startup?


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Question. Why does utorrent 2.2 want to connect with upon startup? Isn't that a Limelight Networks address?

Check for updates automatically - disabled

Update to beta versions - disabled

Send detailed info... - disabled

DHT - disabled

DHT for new torrents - disabled

Local peer discovery - disabled

uTP - disabled

UDP - disabled

Peer exchange - disabled

Incoming legacy connections - disabled

All addresses from Advanced/UI Extras removed

No RSS feeds

No torrents in the list whatsoever

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I don't have a blocklist or any blocklist apps installed. I did a whois on the address when my firewall popped up asking for it to allow a connection to it.

Your post wasn't in the least bit informative or helpful in any matter whatsoever. I asked why uTorrent 2.2 wants to connect to that address. Who the address belongs to is irrelevant, at least at this point.

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