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hi there all i have an upload limit problem ..can you help??


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iam experiencing some upload difficulties with utorrent 2.2

here are my pc properties

windows xp sp 3 up to date

i have a non throttling isp(i've checked that already :) )

my internet speed is 12mb

i dont have any viruses so i know FOR SURE that that is not my case

i've disabled DHT-NETWORK, and LOCAL PEER DISCOVERY(cuz iam a private tracker)


the "global download rate limiter" is set to 0

under global rate limit options i've checked only "apply rate limit to utp connections" - for the record i have no idea what the hell that means..

my global max number of connections is 1890

my max number of connections peer per torrent is 2329

number of open slots per torrent is 5

and i've V whats under it ( <90 )

my minimum ratio set to 150 if it helps..

AND MY NET.MAX.HALFOPEN is set to 80 (i used the patch too) and lazy peer is "true".

my router is TP-LINK TL-WR841

i have a port forward rule for both the tcp and udp service point

therefore i didnt enable the nat-pnp/upnp mapping option

my downloads are fine and i can even get 1 megabyte per sec (which is awsome!! :D )

now here is my problem

i have an upload limit issue apparently..

i cant upload more than 100 k(on unlimited mode)

which is odd... cuz i remembering that when i first used utorrent i screwed around with the settings a bit and my upload was something like 700 kbps

and yes..there are peers on my seeding torrent

and when there is more than one torrent uploading then it splits the speed but still wont go up any higher than 100

is that normal???

if so then how can i restore to the stage where my uploading was 700 kbps..cuz iam on a private tracker and i need better ratio than my current status...

thanks you all in advance..!!!

now i need to rest after yapping for so long :)

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