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something strange; utorrent jamming firefox


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hi, something strange.

recently whenever i opened my utorrent, even in the background, it somehow jammed my firefox or my net surfing ability, reason unknown.... i was trying to use the setup guide to reset the setting, even u torrent itself got stucked checking forwarded port. i also tried to update utorrnet, it said unable to contact with the server....

the downloading speed was ok, but like i say, whenever i switched the utorrent on, the firefox got jammed, its not like: cannot connected to the server, or site not responding. the firefox just stucked at the "loading" stage.....

even when i turned the utorrent back off, the firefox would still be unable to load the webpage of any address, i would have to restart my pc and make sure the utorrent was not turned on, then i can start browsing again.

like i said, it is very strange!

if you know why this is happening, please help!!

any help would be greatly appreciated.

many thanks!!!

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