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Sudden speed limit. 40MB line


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I run on a 40mb line out of the Tampa area. I have 3 computers in my home and each uses uTorrent at some point during the day, the 40mb line is like a rocket, highly seeded torrents hitting 3 or 4 MB/s sometimes more.

Then one day out of the blue the main computer got stuck at 2MB/s (i left it be, i know the speeds fluctuate so whatever) came back later and everything was stuck, total download speed would not exceed 2mb/s no matter what. This was the only computer turned on at the moment so I disconnected it from the net and booted up another, it wouldn't exceed 2mb/s either, the same with the third.

I have a media center setup streaming to my ps3 so I often download files on the main computer then transfer the files via uTorrent by seeding them to my media center computer, this also will not go past 2mb/s. No matter what I do nothing will exceed it any longer.

Yes, I have read the speed guide and searched as much as I can but I am stuck at a wall now. No matter how many computers are on/off/idle/seeding/download etc nothing will go over 2mb/s in total (of all computers)

Speed tests to speakeasy and various others still always show a minimum of 15(ish)MB down and 6+MB up.

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