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Periodic upload speed drop in utorrent


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I'm observing since a year this strange behavior of utorrent(through multiple versions). When i'm uploading (no leeching in same time), the upload speed drops from max(130 kbyte/sec) to nothing (not just very low, but nothing), even if i'm seeding alone a torrent, and 20+ peers want to download from me, so it's definitely not because noone wants to download from me. After this, the upload stands at 0 for 1-2 minutes, and then suddenly rise to max again.

I've watched the modem log, and nothing happens with the connection, everything is perfect, the web browsing too, just the torrent upload slows down.

This speed drop not happen at download side when i'm leeching at 1,8 mbyte/sec speeds.

See a graph about it:


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You can look at it this way too - luckily, the upload speed is increasing from time to time... ;)

This pattern is around for ages, and no one cares to investigate it. I guess it is not that simple to convince the devs that it is not caused by environmental issues.

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