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Changed wireless adapter, now everything is Queued?


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Switched to a different USB Wireless Adapter. An older version of it if that matters (Netgear WG111v3 -> Netgear WG111v2).

No other connection settings have been changed - nothing in the router etc. uTorrent's speed guide tests report everything is OK - ports open yes. In preferences, set Bandwidth -> Global number of max connections to number above my number of torrents, and under Queueing tab set maximum number of active torrents to a number above my torrent count as well.

Using latest version of uTorrent.

(p.s., Even a download wouldn't start. Was not downloading anything but was still "Queued" - would not begin download until I put "Force Start.")

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What does the status bar in uT say?

Haha... wow. I'm guessing that was it, as the transfer cap was turned on and I had passed it. I recently hid the Status Bar but I'm not sure if I would have noticed anyway (I collapse my start bar but it's usually up due to blinking windows, and it overlaps the bottom of other windows).

Not sure if the transfer cap was turned on because a day prior I upgraded uTorrent or because I did the Speed Guide after setting up the new wireless adapter. But I know 100% it wasn't in effect before as I've passed that cap many times.

Thank you! :D

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