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Can't connect to internet after UT


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I'm new to torrents.

I downloaded Utorrent today.

I managed to download a torrrent , it seemed to do this by itself, I never asked it, I don't think

Then the internet stopped working,

I'm on my other computer through the same router and its working no problems,

using windows XP 5.1.2600

if i restart the computer it works for about a minute then stops again,

it still says im connected to my router just can't get on to the internet

any ideas?

Thanks folks

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I'm not the best computer type person but I usually manage,

I have been working my way through the link u gave me,

The internet now works intermitantly

i'm not sure how to do the following tho

"Try disabling IP resolving in the Peers tab's context menu"

where do i find this?

Thanks :)

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I'm having so much difficulty with this,

I'm stuck trying to optain a static ip address and forward a port for utorrent? not even sure what this means?

if i remove utorrent from my computer will it connect to the internet again as normal?

If so how do i remove/uninstall UT



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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