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2 seeders and 2 users(%50 n up) and I'm geting 0.7-2 kb download ?


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well im new to the hole torrent thaing..but an estamation of 5-13 weaks for 1 download...WTF

I have ben trying to understand this program for over a weak..and it seams no mater what I do its real slow.(using 2.2.1) should I try the beta 3 ?

is geting 0.0 to 2kb from a seed normal ? ..Is that what the pear is uping ? or what ?

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ok... well now that I have spent most of my free time to find out pretty much every thing I all ready knew..but to see that it can just be the affects of the swarm :mad:

kinda off..because I have seen other pears leaching off the seed at 30.0+ kbs and I was only getting 0.7 to 2.3 kbs each off the seed and that pear. and my upload for them is fair !!

but other downloads seam to work fine....30 to 150 kbs per a pear.

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