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Sudden download peak [2.2.1]


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Hello all,

Can anyone tell me what my µtorrent 2.2.1 is doing here:


(Link to image)

This is without any torrent currently being downloaded here.

It does that every +/-90 seconds and over a 10-hour span it will download about 110MB. Does it have anything to do with updating the trackers or something? It hasn't done that before I updated to 2.2.1 (don't really remember the previous version I used, 2.1.5 or something)

Further info:

- µtorrent version: 2.2.1

- DHT: off

- Torrents seeding: 51

- Max Upload: 40kbps

- More info if needed?

Thanks in advance,


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I checked and I think that's it! Thank you! :D I clicked refresh feeds and instantly a peak came by.

I have 4 feeds, do those really take that much data each refresh? And is it possible to somehow alter the interval rate? E.g. to one hour or something?

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