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Cannot connect to Web Ui on Iphone with 3G!


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I am going batty over this, and would be so grateful if anyone could help. I totally admit to being a noob in this area.

I have a modem + a DLink 614+ router. I have followed the instructions to port forward my utorrent port and when I do the test utorrent tells me the port is forwarded. When I try to access WEBUI however online it just hangs on the loading screen.

I have other apps on my phone that stream from my pc to my phone which work locally but not over 3G, one site suggested I have a DOUBLE NAT. I believe this as when I used to connect to the internet I would see two different wireless networks that were identical to my own.

From what I understand I cannot put the D-Link 614+ into bridge mode, but I'm uncertain. ANY help would be appreciated, I'll take screenshots, wtv is needed.

Thank you in advance.

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