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uTorrent Backstabbing Bug -- Critical


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Have a Downloads folder and make uTorrent put its downloads into that folder. Then in Downloads folder create a subfolder named Test and put a test.jpg picture in there.

Then if you download a torrent that its contents include a Test folder and in it a test.jpg file, this file will silently _erase_ (forever and not move to the Recycle Bin) your original test.jpg file you had in the Test subfolder on your computer.

If the pictures are of the same filename and of the same filetype but do not have the same content, that doesn't matter. If your original test.jpg picture is a snowball, for example, and the new picture you downloaded via uTorrent is an apple, you'll end up with only _one_ file in your Test subfolder on your computer, and that is the apple picture (the old snowball picture would be gone forever).

I had an occurence of this and lost a precious picture that I can't get it back anymore. No backup of it, nothing. I didn't have a Test subfolder and a test.jpg file, but you get the idea.

Since uTorrent is clever enough to merge the folders of the same name, then it can as well not merge the folders and rename the downloaded folder to <foldername>(2), in the event that a folder of the same name already exists in its download location, and prevent this critical bug to occur.

Please fix this. Thank you.

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