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.torrent file error


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Over the past few days I have moved all my torrents I had active from an external HDD ("H") to my new one at 'P'.

The problem I encounter is

"Error: Can't open .torrent file: H:\zTorrents\torrent files\[X].torrent"

Even though if you're reading this you probably understand the issue, I can get the torrents to seed and re-up on the new ext. HDD 'P', but only when 'H' is hooked up also so that the .torrent file is recognized.

I have tried to move all the .torrent files over to the new HDD and re-seed them from there but that didn't work. I deleted the torrents from uTorrent and attempted to reset them by opening the newly placed files, but it still failed to work.

Does anyone know a way to fix the problem by any chance?

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I had already changed that and it still did not work; it continues to give me an error citing the torrent file from the old HDD can't be opened.

*As I was reading your message it led me to delve more into the problem and I actually got it fixed.

Thanks for the response.

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