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100% seeding and still downloading?


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first , kudos to the programmers, its a great torrent program, i've uninstalled my other torrent aps, lol i decided to use it over bitornado, bitcomet, azureus and bitpump. its a great program you made vurlix, im impressed, it looks somewhat like AZ, but performs way better.

ok, lets say i have this huge torrent (10gigs) it was almost done downloading, but utorrent showed 100% done and seeding but it was still downloading (@~30kb/s), must've been almost finished, but not quite and it only downloaded for a few minutes after it showed seeding.

also, when it changed to 100% and seeding, it was still in the temp folder for those few minutes it was downloading.

i would also like to suggest a small improvement, a per torrent number of connection setting. it would allow us to set a number of peers that can connect to me, like for huge 108gig torrents, it could bypass the global # of connex per torrent.

And another buglet also wich i'll make another topic for.

good job overall, i love utorrent!

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