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uTorrent doesn't see seeds


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I'm using uTorrent. I frequent KAT and TPB for DLing torrent files. I'm having some trouble with some torrents. For example, I grabbed a torrent file from TPB that stated it had 1200+ seeders. However, when I open it in uTorrent, it says there are no seeds. What gives?

Torrents I'm having issues with: <munched by admin - do not direct link content>

I've got some torrents running and they're DLing. So, I'm not having problems with ALL torrents. I've actually got one torrent running at ~450 kbps as I'm typing this.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Strange thing is that I posted this question on the KAT Community board. 2 People were able to start the torrent DLs with no issues.

Dread, I appreciate the reply, but I have no clue of how to do what you're telling me to do. :P

I'm kind of a newb. I DL and share all the time, but that's about the extent of my knowledge so far.

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Aha! Learn something every day!

Well, when I clicked General, I also clicked on the Tracker tab and saw:


2 of the trackers say offline or the 404 error on both torrents.

So, why would the trackers be offline or giving the 404 error for me but other people have no issues DLing?

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