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More local peers found than computers on network, eeek!!!


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Thank you for the quick response!!

If possible I would like to be as sure as possible. I've now hardwired myself into the modem, no i'm not a weirdo with a kink for computer peripherals, it just means my system is bypassing any wireless connections (my computer has no wireless card or capability, but others which normally use the network do).

There are still 4 'local peers' discovered, and now only one computer on the network.

I'm a little new to this local peer discovery, do these 4 local peers always appear when utorrent is 'doing it's thing' and local peer discovery is 'on' so to speak, or is there a way I can differentiate between them and find out the identities of them? If they are all me I should then be able see this clearly.

Hope you can help.

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try using

ipconfig /all

as there are usually more network adapter addresses than you think installed, some virtual some not. If you have firewire that can also be classed as a network adapter and get an ipv4 and ipv6 address.

It could be counting your nas box, and your modem that's being detected

under the peers tab what ip addresses start with any of







and what ip address is your modem (aka default gateway)?

no flaming for that aka I know they are different, but for most homes it's all in the one box.

even if there was more than your own devices listed under peers I wouldn't worry. It's most likely some client on that torrent is misreporting it's ip address and will not be sent any data.

your home network would not route the traffic outside of your network as the lan/wifi addresses are supposed to be on your home side of the network, and not out on the internet so the router (part of the modem box) only looks for devices on the local lan/wifi that have that ip address, and when it does not find one it gives up.

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