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I am using UT 2.2.1 on my Windows XP Professional PC.

I have 20+ Uploads that have been working great since early May.

Suddenly tonight I noticed that all but two have gone to error.

"Error: Can't Open.Torrent File: C:\My Uploads\ [ Torrent Name ]

My Uploads is not the correct location. Should be My Uploads Demonoid.

How could this have changed?

I have gone to Advanced and set the download location.

I have tried to force a recheck, nothing happens.

I have tried to force a restart, nothing happens.

I did disconnect and reconnect my wireless router but I have done this in the past without a UT problem.

I tried to add a torrent, got the dialog box saying the torrent exists...do you want to upload from it? Answered yes. nothing changed.

I'm stuck and probably have many unhappy peers. Please help.


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Hi again,

The torrent files are in the same location. I don't understand why ut is looking in the wrong folder, even after I set the lownload location. If I delete and readd the torrent will my peers be adversely affected?



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The set download location function doesn't affect the .torrent files themselves, only the actual downloaded files.

Remember, changing the preferences is NOT retroactive to already loaded torrents, so if you changed your .torrent storage directory then moved .torrent files around, your own actions broke things.

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