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it freeze My Mac and responded so so slowly


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I'm a Mac user and I face this problem. :/

when left my utorrent downloading files and my Mac sleeps after a while. I return after few hours to to wake up my Mac and to check my downloads, it freeze May Mac and responded so so slowly.

And to be informed, I made user login asking for password and I notice that this issue happen just when I enable asking for password after sleep. :(

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* My Mac, I don't think so, cause I have Windows OS by bootcamp than I fix MBR and Boot by DOS command cause I have problem with boot up speed and the problem solved. After that I faced this problem in Mac OS with uTorrent after I lunch it.

* uTorrent Before MBR and Boot fixing was great

After MBR and Boot fixing it started freezing my Mac after lunching uTorrent :mad:.

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