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Working Directories Setup


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Hi all,

Now I am using uTorrent v3 {XP Pro; SP3}

Since I ran out of space on partition where uTorrent was installed previously I moved all software to another drive/partition leaving all structure (folders/subfolders) as it was

The only thing I've changed - sure - I've reset the working directories, say those, which were on G:\uTor . Now they are on F:\uTor and uTorrent displays that in Configuration and never argued

It seems like all is working fine except one thing:

uTorrent shows the Error for the ...\CompletedJobs\ it still points to G:\uTor\CompletedJobs\

What I am "afraid of" :) - there is no way to seed from here because of that failure

Is there anyway to fix it?

Thanks in advance

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The preferences are not retroactive to already loaded torrents.
Thanks fore the reply, DreadWingKnight,

So what you are saying I have just start over?

... meaning wiping out the content of the "completed jobs" and respectively \Complete\ folder, because I cannot share that with others anymore?

Please confirm that

And if so - that is a problem, as far as I can see it

That would be pretty much desirable to fix it (I hope)


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