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Best Seeding options - all or some?


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HI people

New to file sharing and am seeking guidance of best options for seeding.

I may have misunderstood the information available in the help guides/setup menu so please correct anything I may have gotten wrong.

Lets say for arguments sake that I have 13 episodes of a TV series completely downloaded over the weekend.

I have all 13 episodes available to upload - and people are uploading all 13 episodes.

I have 20 kbps total upload speed - spread over 13 files - so everyone is uploading very slowly.

By the end of the week I still have a lousy share ratio because I am not uploading as fast as I was able to download.

Should I......

Limit the number of seeds (eg 6 available) so they upload faster (this would leave 7 episodes queued) or,

Leave all seeds available even if they are crawling at 0.2 kbps

If I limit the number of seeds, how do I change to the queued seeds after X period of time?

Hope my post isn't too confusing.

I appreciate any feedback :-)


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