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I cannot get the Web UI working anymore


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I had a working web UI with version 1.6 I believe but had to reconfigure my server and ended up with version 3.0. I placed the webui.zip file in several directories (%APPDATA%/uTorrent and so forth) but I get a http: 400 error from my browser. I configured the web UI at port 80 but tried the listener port as well (http://localhost/GUI and http://localhost:45292/Gui). I unpacked the zip file everywhere where I could but it does not work.

I use an Atom with Windows 7 Ultimate (x86). It is a clean install and the thing does not have to do more than sabnzb and uTorrent (and fileserver). I got the new version of sabnzb running but could not get an old version of uTorrent that still works.

It looks like there is an instance of the web UI running somewhere, maybe even with the new version. Can someone explain to me how to get this done ? uTorrent is working great for downloading files but I would like the web UI to work as it used to...:rolleyes:

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