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can connect to lots of seeds but no peers


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Hi, I've been stuck with this for a while. Anyone have any good ideas?

With all torrents now, I can connect to plenty of seeds but only 1 or 2 peers, and my speed is crawling as a result. EG. 109/899 Seeds connected 1/532 peers.

Also when on the 'peers' tab, it shows all the seeds I'm connected to but the fastest seeders is always around 3KB, the second 2KB, the third 1KB, then down under 1KB for the others... Every torrent!

Is there something I'm missing?

I've used utorrent for about 6 years. It was always max'd out on adsl, but since we got 160/10 Mbps Fibre only 1 old utorrent client worked, suddenly from 2 months ago none work.

I've tried the guides, loads of different advanced setting, dd-wrt, no router, firewall, dmz, everything seems ok.

HTTP speed tests show up to 125,000Mbps down 7,500 up.

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Thanks for replying Dread, I hope you can help.

Torrent 1

Max Connections Global:500

Max Connections per torrent: 250

On the General Tab -

Seeds:244 of 303 connected (690 in swarm)

Peers:4 of 563 connected (86 in swarm)

Only 1 seed is giving 3KB the others are all less, mostly 0.~.

Torrent 2 (This one surprisingly has connected to some peers)

On the General Tab:

Seeds: 205 of 223 connected (5452 in swarm)

Peers: 45 of 1540 connected (2253 in swarm)

Again one seed is giving 3KB, 3 seeds are giving 2KB, 3 seeds giving 1 KB and about 20 seeds giving less the 1KB.

If I use the Logger to log Disconnects, it shows about 30 disconnects a second, all reporting: Disconnect: Too many incoming connections.

Is that normal?

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