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uTorrent 3.0 Seed Problem


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Hey guys.

I know I seem completely new, but I've been following this forum from the sidelines for a while.

I'm using Windows 7, with uTorrent 3.0. It's fully against seeding torrents. According to the site I got the torrent from, the health is very good, and I shouldn't have any problems downloading it. However, in uTorrent, it doesn't even try to upload, and the few times it does, it remains at a quiet 0.1kbps and 0.2kbps.

I have unrestricted uTorrent from all viruses and Internet blocks. It should have a perfect path to the Internet, as I even set my AntiVirus (Norton) to always allow uTorrent connections.

So, my question, just like everybody else, what am I doing wrong here? Why is uT not seeding?


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