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WebUI v0.383 - torrent not starting for some .torrent files


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I spent about 1hr looking through all possible posts and figured I'll post my thread. Here's my setup:

Win7 64bit

Firefox 5.0

uTorrent 3.0 (build 25460) [32bit]

uTorrent WebUI v0.383

From the settings for WebUI, I have the 'Send .torrent to utorrent' selected and it works fine for most of the .torrent files that I click on.

Except for torrents from the racingfor.me website.. It just sits there without any activity (no seed/tracker activity) and the torrent just never starts.

If I disable the WebUI, download the .torrent to my local drive and open with the utorrent app, the download starts just fine.

Please help?

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