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New user ratio help please.


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Hi, I've been using uTorrent for around 6 weeks now and I am trying to get at least 1:1 ratio but I've been seeding some files for 2-4 weeks and either no one wants them or there are too many other people seeding them, so how do I get a 1:1 ratio?, I don't want to be a leecher but I've run out of hard drive space and need to transfer some things over to my external drive so I can continue to download some anime before people stop seeding them, I tried moving some stuff to the external drive and tried to seed from there but it said error and wont let me seed those things. So can someone please tell me what to do to improve my ratio and not become a leecher. Total download is 94.3GB and Total upload is 85.6GB.

Thanks in advance~

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