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I need some help with the RSS downloading feature.


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Hey there, Let my start off by saying that I am using the most up to date version of utorrent (Version 3.0)

Okay so I have the RSS downloader set almost perfectly, it downloads what I need, and nothing else. The problem is that the RSS feed I use sometimes doesn't update. Sometimes it doesn't update for a few days, and sometimes for weeks. So let me first ask if there are any RSS feeds that you use and would recommend (I use RSS downloading for tv shows)

So when the feed not updating started to frustrate me, I found another feed that I tried using, and it had items up to date. BUT, the problem with this feed is that there are a lot of false items that utorrent starts automaticaly downloading. Is there any way to set utorrent so that when it downloads a tv show via RSS, that it only downloads the video file by itself. as opposed to downloading the video within a folder? Because this new feed had one of my tv shows on it and it was labeled with an episode number that hasn't even aired on tv yet. So utorrent starts downloading it and lo and behold it turns out to be a virus. It was in a folder, as opposed to just being by itself like my shows usually are. So is there any way to set utorrent to avoid downloading the virus files? Is there any special way I should be setting up my filters so that it downloads only the right file?

Here is an example of how I have my filters set up


upload gif

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I'm still trying to test it but I think it has something to do with the "<ttl></ttl>" tag in the feed's xml source.

My feeds have <ttl>360</ttl> which makes wait last 6h before refreshing. Some says that it bypasses the "rss.update_interval" value. 6h would be ok for me but I'd need to see it work with a short interval; so I'm still seeking a feed that has direct torrent download links and no or low TTL value.

Anyone can confirm/help?

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