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Downloading Problems


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Hello Everyone,

I have been using utorrent for a long time but recently I have been having problems with utorrent. The problem I am having trouble with is that I want to download a single episode of a show; such as Pretty little liars season 2 episode 11 and so on, and it starts to download and stops at 0.4%, yet it has lots of seeds and peers and positive green comments.

This is happening lately with all my stuff that I want to download that is a single episode. However, when I download an entire season of a show I am ok- it doesn't stop and the download finishes. What seems to be the problem? Is there something in Utorrent properties that I need to fix? These are all shows that are popular, so they have lots of comments and seeds and peers. I would like to be able to download single episodes of shows again because sometimes I can't get the full season because we are midway into a season.

Please help!!!!!!:mad:

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