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can't unhide utorrent


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i finally upgraded to 3.0 from 2.2.1. and i never had this problem with v2.x.

i have bosskey set to ctrl+`, and I can hide it, but for some reason it won't let me bring it back again. i had to run the utorrent program shortcut from the start menu as a work around.

but now i can't even use that!

what's wrong with this? btw I already tried to 'clear privacy data'.

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oh. 3rd times the charm, it let me open it from the start menu now. and now i can hide/unhide it at will. but it's still glitchy.

another glitch now - i tried to change, as a test, my bosskey to ctrl+1, then I click apply.

so I press ctrl+1, and it works.

but, i also can still press ctrl+` (my previous hotkey obviously)

so now i have 2 bosskeys set?? wtf

e: it seems i have now set 4 bosskeys at once! woo hoo

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hello, i faced same problem

now i made a small autohotkey script that can help:

go to utorrent-options-preferences-ui settings, uncheck "minimize ut to tray"

use the following codes

;;;;main section


DetectHiddenWindows, on

SetTitleMatchMode, 2


;;;;hotkey section, hotkey=win+s


winshow, μTorrent

winrestore, , μTorrent

WinActivate, μTorrent


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i have not seemed to have any problem with unhiding utorrent since. everything seems to work fine now. not sure what was wrong.

i did however find some interesting info.

when you use boss key to unhide, even though utorrent didn't show up as you are expecting, if you run utorrent.exe or a shortcut to try and bring it up, utorrent will decide to show up again.

it's like utorrent is there, but somehow still hidden somewhere. (and no its not because it's hidden in windows 7 notification icon area because I chose to show all icons in the tray)

however, if you press boss key again to put utorrent back into its 'hidden' state and try to run the exe or shortcut key again, it will not work, as expected though.

the part with having set multiple bosskeys is still weird though! not sure if if multiple bosskeys is even a feature?

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i found the same issue before i made that codes, in my situation sometimes it works but sometimes not, sometimes i had to run utorrent.exe several times to bring it out, seems it was stuck there.

but whenever it showed again, you can use original boss key again.

and if you leave it for a period (not sure how long), it would be stuck again.

it was still running then, you can find it in the task manager, and can be found no where else, no matter task bar or tray, weird.

my pc: xp sp2

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