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When trying to download MEDIAPLAYER comes up and nothing is happening


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I do use µtorrents for about 6 years and i had no problems what so ever ,untill the last 2 weeks.

1. free of virus

2. use µtorrent 3.0

3. no restriction from server

When i want to download, suddenly mediaplayer appears and gives me the message "file not

recognized". So up untill now i cannot download anything anymore, it is always the same scenario.

I did not recalibrate or do anything else on the µtorrent 3.0.

Did anyone else encounter the same problem and if so can it be fixed ?

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instead of opening the torrent, i saved it my harddrive.

I rightclicked on the saved "socalled" torrent file.

and then the program asked me wich program should be opened to use with the file.

i choose µtorrent, and clicked ok.

suddenly all my problems where solved, the software resseted itself and since then i ccan download again.

I don't know how the software did make that sudden shift and started my problem. But anyhow it seems to be resolved, untill now.

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