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Unable to seed..


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Ok, so, i've been torrenting for a few years now, but only recently came around to the idea that I really should seed after i've finished downloading (my upload/download ratio is TERRIBLE) but i seem to have run into a problem. I have googled this, by the way, but haven't come across a solution that's affected anything.

Basically, while i have available peers on every torrent i try (have one open now, in fact- 36 peers, but 0 are connected) none are able to actually connect to me, and i get 0kb/s upload speed. I'm able to upload WHILE downloading, albiet with a low speed, but as soon as i try to seed a completed torrent it just has a breakdown.

The other issue is that I get fairly terrible download speeds (i get that on EVERYTHING though, this area is notorious for terrible DL speeds... by which i mean i got 1MB/s once on a direct download. that was an exciting time. I average 200kb/s on a good day) and i also seem to only have 2-3 connected peers out of, say, 51 available, while downloading. So when i say i CAN upload while downloading, i'm talking 0.1kb's. That hardly seems right..

I am by no means a tech expert, bear in mind, so please keep your answers simple for my poor little layman's brain :/



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