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Absolute Top Speed


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I just got a new desktop and for the first time I have a PC hardwired to the router. I'm wondering if utorrent has an absolute top speed at which files can download?

I ran the setup guide and am using the settings that utorrent selected for me (upload limit 629kB/s, upload slots 8, connections per torrent 100, connections global 600, max active 9, max active downloads 8), my DL speeds using speedtest.net are 30.02 MB/S and my upload is 6.5ish, I am surrently maxing out overall (the bar at the bottom) at 3.0 MB/s. I know it's pretty fast and am pretty happy with it, I just want to make sure there is nothing I can do to make the downloads faster, after all, who wouldn't want faster speeds if they can have them?

Thanks for any help or suggestions you might have

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