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I am a LEECHER...and here's why.


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I've been having the same problem for months now and looked everywhere and tried every configuration I can think of to fix it but so far nothing has helped so I hope the title got someone's attention.

The fact is I can't seed, at least not while maintaining a usable internet connection for anything else.

Every time I turn uTorrent on it kill internet traffic for everything else. Webpages wont load or take forever to load, netflix movies won't play, it even stops traffic from my server to other computers on my home network so that movies or audio streamed from the server to my laptop will choke and pause.

And this happens regardless of the amount or direction of torrent traffic, even if there aren't any active torrents.

Specs are:

uTorrent 3.1.2

Windows 7 64bit

windows firewall and MSE

Dlink 655 router, hardwired to the server/downloader wireless to the rest of the house

Things you generally want to know I'll try to answer the best I can

I've used the automatic set up and I've tried adjusting all the bandwith options both up and down and checked and unchecked all the BitTorrent options

The network light is a green check, a ok

I have Time Warner cable for an ISP

I've set net.max_halfopen to 4 and bt.connect_speed to 4 as was recommended somewhere I guess

I haven't messed with TCPIP.sys... not even sure what that is

If there's anything else you need to know please tell me


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I have your exact setup minus MSE and I dont have a problem.

I set my upload max limit to around 80% of my actual max upload.

I set my global max # of connections to 150

Max # of connected peers per torrent to 50

Number of upload slots to 6

With these settings I never run into any issues. I would suggest resetting your router back to defaults and trying the above. Shouldnt be any other settings needed to get this to work. I down 1.1 MB/sec and up 80 KB/sec 24/7.

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I checked on the router firewall, and turned off SPI but the other settings I'm not so sure about, here's a picture, let me know what setting you think might work...


Here's another picture of my uTorrent set up, again if you have recommendations.


I ran the set up test again, it shows decent speeds. The best actual speed I've ever seen is about 1.4 MB/s downloads, which I'm perfectly happy with btw. The issue isn't currently download speed, it's that no one else has usable connections when uTorrent is on regardless of its' speed.

What confuses me even more is that it effects my personal wifi network too, not just internet.


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uTorrent shows 108KB/sec upload and 1.8MB/sec download via the test. What makes you think you are the problem?

I test Ive done before is to create a torrent and provide it to someone else you know, when they load the torrent they should be able to max your upload. If thats the case the slowdown isnt you.

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audial, I appreciate your help but maybe you're misunderstanding the issue here. I'm not complaining about slow download speeds on uTorrent. It actually has nothing to do with my torrent downloads

The issue is that whenever uTorrent is on, regardless of what it's speeds are, all other internet traffic comes to a crawl. Simple webpages wont load. Clicking on a link to a picture that is normally instantaneous can take minutes to load. Netflix is rendered unusable. Even streaming content from my personal server to another pc in the house doesn't work well.

The reality is my wife will be watching something in the bedroom and as soon as I turn on uTorrent whatever she's watching stops or has to buffer so much it's basically unwatchable.

However, Dreadwingknight's suggestion may have worked, at the moment I'm downloading at around 250kB/s and no one is yelling about their internet not working, so we may have a solution.

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Ah makes sense.

It would seem that even if you don't have a torrent going uTorrent is sending/receiving some sort of traffic if its interfering with the LAN.

I would suggest setting uTorrent to a static port and turn off the randomization. Then in DLink go to Advanced > QoS Engine. Enable traffic shaping. Below that Add a rule set at priority 256 for any protocol. Use the IP address of your torrent box. Set the local port to the port set in uTorrent in both boxes. This will make all other traffic go through before uTorrent.

Alternatively, you could run a WireShark or something similar on the torrent box to see what is being sent/received and attack it that way.

Edit: Also 450 global connections in uTorrent killed my 655 alot, it would cause it to hang/reboot/make me reconnect/etc. I would lower that to 200 or something to see if that helps. You can check the number of connections in DLink by going to Tools > Internet Sessions.

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