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uTorrent 3.1.2. . .Virus?


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In it's current state, the latest release (3.1.2) can be classified as a virus. Why? It ignores installation options and installs whatever it wants (apparently). I specifically told it NOT to install a new toolbar and viola! It went ahead and did it anyway. That's textbook definition of a virus (or a trojan to be technical).

It's not the wild west days of web browsing anymore gentlemen. We're not limited to Netscape or IE 6. We have options. You cannot hijack our web browsers any more (at least not if the user isn't a complete n00b).

Please investigate and rectify this immediately.

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I registered just to add my agreemeent, this is viral and not the first time this has happened with this app!

This is the second utorrent installer version for Windows that did not honor my wishes for NO browser toolbars. Unfortunately I don't recall the prior version that has this same issue (3.x.x?). I upgraded to v3.1.2 last night and the installer did not honor my checkbox selection for no toolbars. So I it was unsettling to find FF 'had' a browser toolbar this morning.

I NEVER install toolbars and for any installer I make it a point review all install options unchecking any and all checkboxes for add-on I don't want. No to even google, yahoo, etc,... I do NOT want them! This is a disturbing pattern that utorrent has twice now ignored my selections (no toolbars) on install.

This is a breach of trust. Please fix this pattern and abide by users wishes. If this app continues to bypass users wishes, I think the unsaid question is what else does, or might it be installing?


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